Community at the Cadence Core

It’s no secret that the Cadence community is something special. The most important aspect of Cadence that I envisioned was a welcoming community vibe that everyone would experience when they come through the door. Looking at 2013, I’d say we’ve gotten pretty closing to nailing that goal. I get hundreds of emails (seriously) from people making comments about their experience of the studio. They share things like their feeling so fortunate to be part of the Cadence community, how the friendliness and welcoming attitude of staff and guests at the studio is something very special, or saying that because of the community and friends they’ve made, they have found a new inspiration to stick to a workout when they’d never been able to before.

This is that initial vision coming to life.

I experienced one week in particular this year where the spirit of our community was undeniable. I had a friend. Pete, come to Vancouver from Toronto who I had not seen in 20 years. We went to university together in Ottawa, planted trees in Northern Ontario together and experienced everything else that goes along with that time in life. Seeing him again was awesome and we quickly picked up where we left off.

Seeing his experience of our community at Cadence – now THAT was a sight to see.

On the first day, after walking in with Jerry – a Cadence regular – within minutes, Pete was laughing and chatting with people whom he’d never met. It was like he’d been a regular at Cadence since we opened our doors.

Following the ride, Pete was on fire from the workout declaring: “I’m coming tomorrow for sure. I’m not missing THAT.” He had enjoyed his ride and the experience of the studio so much that he wanted to get in again before heading back to Toronto. And I couldn’t have been happier to hear him say that.

It was the next morning, a Saturday, before class that I was looking around from the stage when it hit me: that virtually everyone in the studio was speaking with someone else. Smiles were plastered on every face and there was a buzz of conversation; it was loud, it was friendly and it was energetic. Pete was one of these people talking and laughing with a girl next to him.

At the end of class, when people were finished stretching but still beside their bikes, I looked around and again, everyone was talking to the person next to them. Not quite as energetic, mind you, but equally as friendly and inviting.

It was so cool for me to finally sit back, allow myself to relish this and take it all in. To see so many people who have made new friends as a result of something we have built from the ground up was very special. It’s in the moment experiences of seeing an intention – an intangible aspect of a business – be fuelled by the people that make up a community. I am so thankful to every single person who has contributed their energy, excitement, smiles, warm welcomes, easy conversations, laughs (and more laughs) throughout the last two years. 2013 has been a blast, and we’re looking into 2014 with tons of excitement for what lies ahead. Yes, more classes, more sweat, more ways to push your limits. But more importantly, the year ahead holds more opportunities to meet and make new friends, elevate our Cadence community and the Vancouver community at large. Here we go, friends – let’s make this year a BIG one!