How Sweat Connects


CadencelogotrademarkIn an ode to BC's Family Day (Monday, February 10), Cadence guest blogger Jess Robson reflects on how gathering your clan to sweat together creates a closeness like nothing else. -----------

In spending more time at Cadence, I started hearing about some families that come into the studio to sweat together. As my family 'athletics' involved countless lift line ups at the ski hill and the occasional pitched putter on the golf course, I was intrigued to learn more about these sweaty families. I connected with Myriam Glotman—longtime Cadence regular, wife and mother of three (among many other things!)—to see what her experience of getting everyone together to sweat means for her family.

Fitness has been a connecting factor in the Glotman family for years. Myriam and Geoff met running on the seawall and, as their family grew, their kids became active early on. Both team and individual sports were a large part of the kids' youth, which was complimented by regular family-based activities like hiking and running. As the kids grew up, the active lifestyle the family had built early on sustained itself, even with kids heading off to university.

"When the kids come back from university, I make sure that we are all signed up for a Saturday morning class early on so we can all go spin together. It's something that's a common ground for us; plus we have a ton of fun doing it as a family."

Being a connected family unit has only been deepend through the time the Glotmans spend getting active together and has translated into more time spent as a family outside the studio. Plus, Myriam commented on the benefits that fitness (read: getting a good sweat on) has had for everyone in her family.

"The family really gets the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind; that fitness helps to handle stress, enables them to be more confident and can connect them to a diverse, like-minded community. I'm glad everyone got hooked on getting active!"

The Glotmans are an example that people that sweat together, stay together. The benefits of getting active as a family run as deep as they do wide. Whether you're considering the connectivity that a shared experience fosters, the physical benefits, the mental clarity that exercise brings or the sheer fun that's to be had with loved ones.


Enjoy your family day, everyone! While the studio will be closed on Monday (in lieu of the holiday), come on by for a group sweat with some of your loved ones (friends or family) sometime soon. Nothing like getting a good sweat on together!