I guess I haven't forgotten how to run

Since the BMO Marathon, I've really taken a huge step back from running for a number of reasons but the big one being I am teaching two spin classes a day. When I teach the classes, I don't fake it so I am getting a pretty good workout as well. I've  been curious over the last month or so where my run fitness was and what the crossover would be from Spinning to running. My body feels great because there has been no impact but you have to run to still run fast, or so I thought. I was curious as to the crossover from Spinning to running and wanted to be able to speak to it with solid data.

I went out on the weekend for what was supposed to be a relaxed run.  Maybe even stop and smell the roses and look at a bird or two.  In the past , every run has a purpose, a targeted pace or a targeted time. So I thought this one would be a little different.

When I got  2 k into my warmup and at the top of the Burrard bridge, I really started feeling like I wanted to run fast. So I got to the seawall and turned it up a few gears, than a few more, and felt I could have pushed up another gear, maybe even two.

I was clicking off  3:55 kms relatively easily. What a pleasant surprise to see I haven't really lost anything at the shorter distances anyway. Even my heart rate was almost dead on where it should be at that speed. I compared it to a similar run in early April at the height of my training and the numbers are very close when I related my heart rate to speed.  I honestly think right now if I was to race a 5 or 10k I could PB.

I'm sure my longer distance endurance isn't as strong, or is it?  I'll go out for 20k in the next few days and find out.

Stay tuned!