In Thanks....


CadencelogotrademarkThere was a time when Cadence existed of 2 instructors and 5 bikes in a living room. This seems like so long ago, but in reality it's been just over three years. We used the living room 'studio' as a test-kitchen to see which brand of bike riders liked the best and to help inform my decision on which bikes to buy. This evolved to having new instructors teach free classes in our loft at 6:30 every morning for about 4 months. This was when Cadence was in its infancy. It was funny at the time, but it turned out to be a perfect way to bring awareness to what good Spinning would look like. Among other things, it was also an experience in the process of auditioning and hiring on new instructors. Jaci Edgeworth was the first instructor to teach at the loft and has been a solid part of the Cadence instructor staff and community ever since.

I have gotten to know Jaci very well as a co-worker, a coach and a friend. She is the quiet type until she gets on the bike, where she brings the authentic motivation that can only come from an athlete and a mindset that she possesses.

PIC JE headshotI have also coached Jaci through two marathons and two personal bests. She gets it done. I always know when coaching her that the opportunity for her is to hold back a little. She is one of those people that just takes coaching and implements it which makes her an absolute pleasure to coach.

As an instructor, her evolution both in personality and technique has been really cool to watch. While there is no one specific way of instructing that is going to work for everyone, at Cadence we do take a stand for certain things in our classes. We won’t do anything on the bike that is dangerous or has no benefit and Jaci has been a consistent stand for those principles from day one.

She takes feedback and always continues to improve, taking an obvious interest in keeping, as she would put it, “at the top of her game”. Even as her pregnancy progressed, she proactively would send me emails asking me if her classes were slipping as the weeks and months went on (note: they weren’t).

I always value Jaci’s opinions on the studio and the Spinning industry in general. What's most important at Cadence is doing everything for the right reasons, authentically caring for people’s well being and not being about the money. Jaci is a shining example of that culture.

Due to have her first baby in a few weeks, I wanted to give Jaci a big 'thank-you' for doing everything she does. Jaci, you care about people, always want the best for them and I have learned a lot from you. We will miss you as an instructor for a few months but I know you will be itching to get back with the newest Minnesota Vikings fan in tow.

Congratulations and thank-you.