It's Already Been a Month!!

This month has completely flown by. Opening morning will stay with me forever. A packed house, music cranking, familiar friendly faces everywhere that were genuinely happy to see Cadence come to fruition. Wow. Getting emotional just writing about this. Crazy.

To be honest the night before and the morning before class I was really nervous that I'd get emotional and struggle through class.  How would that look "alright everybody..." and than  I lose it. :) Months and month of hard work, ups and downs and finally, finally , finally I had opened myself and my space up to people who mostly I knew, but I was still on edge for sure. Thankfully, I did keep it together and put everyone through a great class. Thanks to everyone for the flowers, cards, well wishes and most importantly support for the last 4 months.

Never would I have thought that running the complimentary classes in the loft would have such an impact in laying the groundwork for the culture and feel I wanted to create in the studio. Its really not much different.  Just bigger. And louder.  I couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out. People are  just enjoying hanging out there.

I am meeting new people every day who are coming and loving their experience. Nice people. People I want to hang out with and become friends with. That's very cool.

Last week I went to the Submit party and I couldn't believe the number of people I knew. And this is all because of the studio. My good friend Darren, who came with me said he was surprised how many people he recognized from the studio as well.  We are creating a community.

What makes me even more happy is I know that in the loft and in the studio, I have gotten people into a habit of living a life that involves a fitness routine that they enjoy. Some people that, before this, did not even work out.  Now they are  actually enjoying it and that is my purpose.

Every morning I look forward to coming downstairs and seeing smiling faces ready to get their sweat on. There is no better way for me to start my day.

I have often said to Tracy that I feel guilty because I love this so much that  it really does not feel like work. Her comment to me has always been that I am living the life I love right now.  Enjoy it.