Powered Mixer

Over a year ago when I started to play with the idea of opening a Spinning studio in Vancouver, there were three key components that I knew were essential for the guests to have an awesome experience - great instructors, great sound and great bikes.

In the initial stages of putting the studio together, I did what most people would do in my situation, not being an expert on sound systems: I went to Future Shop and Best Buy. If I get a Bose system, that has to be the best way to go right?  And that was what I had planned to do.

One day my friend Stuart Chatwood and his wife Jill came to one of my classes and Stuart willingly offered to help me get the proper system for the space.  When Stuart came down to help me, it wasn't as if he had all the time in the world - he has a very young baby and was in the process of getting ready to go back on tour with his band The Tea Party . So to be honest, I was expecting a few tips and that was it.  Wrong again.

Stuart came down to the what was than an empty space and started clapping his hands in different parts of the room, listening to the echo from the walls and really taking in what was happening. I knew right there I was in really good hands.

The next day he sent me a spreadsheet of what I needed, where to get it and how much it would cost. When a few of the smaller things were unavailable, he researched some more to ensure I had a great substitute.  Well beyond the call of duty for a guy as busy as Stu.

Fast forward a month or so. The system gets installed - a mixer and some powered (and heavy) speakers. I was available to only greet the installer , Jamie Feeney, then I had some running around to do.

At the end of the day, I got back and the first thing Jamie said to me was "I am excited about this thing".  He put on some music (not necessarily my taste), and it sounded awesome. I can honestly say that I have never heard a sound system sound that good in a room like what we were in. Not the loudness of it, more the clarity.  I was so excited & don't even know how to thank Stuart.

I just had 21 bikes delivered. They are top of the line and I'm excited about them but to me the sound is the headliner. I have loved taking people down to the space in the past week, having them stand in the middle of the studio, and putting the music on. The looks on their faces and the real excitement is so fun to see.

If you are anywhere in the area this week, drop in & say hi.  And listen.  Or better yet, classes start Friday, so come by for a class & hear the system in action.