Spinning should not be intimidating

  I have been meaning to write this blog for two months now.

The most common response  I get from people when I tell them I have opened a Spinning studio in Vancouver is either excitement that there is a Spinning specific studio, or fear because they find the idea of attending a spin class scary.

I am not sure where this comes from.  Possibly from seeing instructors in various types of workouts, including Spin, that bark orders or yell at participants ,or seeing people sweat a small lake under neath their bikes.

There will be pools of sweat at Cadence but the drill sergeant attitude doesn't have a place here. There are no egos at Cadence with instructors or participants. We've had many first time Spinners  and even some that have never really done an intense workout.  I always like talking to them after class about their experience and seeing the excitement in their faces. Most of them have become regulars.

Spinning can be a very intense workout, and you can be assured you'll leave having worked really hard. But, although the instructors give you cues, it is your workout. If you feel the need to back off on tension or cadence, you do it. If you want to push a little harder that day, you stretch your limit. Its all up to you.

By far the most important thing for me to accomplish when I decided to open Cadence was to have a setting where participants will feel zero sense of competitiveness or intimidation from each other or from the instructor.

There will be days you will push your limits, but you won't be forced to if that day you are not feeling it.