We've moved from the loft but the feeling has remained the same...



Holding free Spin classes in the living room for the past four months was, for the most part,  a blast.  Having people that we may or may not know show up at our door at 6am was definitely a different experience.  It pushed me out of my comfort zone and most importantly helped me realize the feeling and experience  I wanted to maintain when we moved into the studio space downstairs.

So many people got to know each other well who were strangers before this whole thing started.   6am workouts in a living room will do that!  Continuing this community is one of the things I am most excited about.  The power of what we have all created became clear a few months back when we went to the Cheaper Art Show with Darren Bold and his wife Leighann. They own are great women's clothing shop called Oliver & Lilly's at 13th and Granville.  We were heading there in support of our good friend, Jessica Bell, a very accomplished artist, and her husband Ian.  (Jessica was also instrumental in the design of much of the studio - more to come on that in another post.)

The Bells and the Bolds didn't know each other before the studio opened. When we arrived at the show, Jessica was wearing something she bought at Oliver & Lilly's.  It was so cool to see that, though it was so simple.  Over the last few months, the six of us have all become close friends. This wouldn't have happened if not for those little Spin classes of five people in our living room.

As we opened the doors this past week and I saw people introducing themselves to each other, talking to people they met in the space upstairs, I knew that we are creating that living room feeling I felt was so important.