Couples Who Sweat Together!

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Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Couples who spin together, sweat together. And couples who sweat together, stay together! In honour of Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating one of our favorite Cadence couples. Jen and Greg have been spinning together at Cadence for three years. Whenever we see their names on the class list, we know they’re going to show up with smiles and positive energy. We’re motivated by the love and joy they bring to class, and inspired by their commitment to riding as a team.

We chatted with Jen and Greg to find out more about how spin fits into their relationship.


How is it that spin came to be such a central part of your relationship as a couple?

We’ve been together for 15 years and have been married for 8 months, and even though we found Cadence later in our relationship, it’s been an awesome way to stay connected. Greg found Cadence after suffering a low back injury from boxing; as soon as he learned that spin would be fine for his back, he signed up, and I [Jen] later joined him on the bike. Now, we can’t imagine not doing it!


What do you love about spinning together?

Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is something that we both enjoy and value for our physical and mental well-being. Cadence is a place where we can both reach our fitness goals in a non-competitive environment, and have fun together at the same time!


How does class feel different when you’re by each other’s side?

It’s a great feeling to ride beside each other! Whenever a good song comes on that one of us likes a lot we’ll look at the other one like yeeessss – this is my jam!


Are you competitive with each other or are you cheering each other on? Or both??

A little of both! We support and encourage each other, but we’d be lying if we said we don’t sneak a peek at each other’s consoles afterwards to see who had the higher WATTS for the ride!


How do you coordinate your schedules so that you can commit to spin together regularly?

We make it a priority! At the beginning of each week we set a schedule that will work for both of us. Saturday at 10:45am is a must, and we’ll do a Sunday class and a weekday evening class. Then, it’s all about holding each other accountable!


Are there any other activities that you do as a couple?

We love to travel together! We’ve been to Europe, South America, Dominican Republic, and Mexico, and we’re looking forward to travelling to Asia together at some point! We also see a personal trainer twice a week and he creates couple-style work outs for us in the gym. Plus, binge watching Netflix original series together is a favorite past time.