What's Up with the Plus Classes?

It provides me with the spin class I know and love,
in addition to a killer arm workout!

You may have noticed that Classic Cadence Plus has taken a more prominent spot on our fall schedule, and that Rhythm Ride Plus has been added! These 55-minute classes include an optional 10-minute upper body workout after our regular rides. We’re so excited to give you more opportunities to experience this benefit!

Here are some FAQs to give you the scoop on our Plus classes!

Why did Cadence add an upper body workout to class?

Lots of reasons, but the short story is – you asked for it! We heard from some of you that you were finishing your workouts at home with weights, and we thought, “Well, let’s do that together!” We are always challenging ourselves to evolve and to add value to your Cadence experience. We agree that spending time on the upper body is necessary for a more complete work out.


How and why is the weight work at Cadence different than at other spin studios?

Our upper body workout happens off the bike. After our ride, we hop onto the floor to pick up our weights and stand while we focus on arms. This is because we are committed to safety and alignment. We believe that when your legs are spinning, you simply don’t have the stability necessary to safely add weight and movement to the upper body.

This choice turned out to have some other benefits. First, by focusing on legs on the bike and arms off the bike, you’re undoubtedly able to push yourself harder with each. Second, by tacking weights onto the end of class, it becomes optional. On days that you’re in a rush, you can jet out straight after your ride without missing a beat.

What if I can’t stay for 55 minutes?

You don’t have to stay! The first 45 minutes of class is exactly the same as it’s always been: warm up, ride, cool down, stretch. Then you can either scoot out or pick up your weights!


What can I expect from the weight workout?

We use light weights – one, two, or three pounds – because the muscles will be contracted consistently for about eight minutes. The intention is not to bulk up but rather to tone, tighten, and strengthen the muscles. You will be guided through tiny movements, lots of repetition, and long holds. Expect to be surprised by just how heavy two pound weights can feel after a couple minutes!

I’ve never worked out with weights before and I’m nervous to do it in a group! What if I can’t make it all the way through?

That’s okay! Our goal, as always, is to make Cadence a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be intimidating, but, like our rides, we encourage you to go at your own pace and take breaks as you need. We also feel that this is the perfect environment to give weights a go. You’ll have an instructor coaching you through, keeping you safe and focused, and guiding you toward optimal results.

Some testimonies from clients who have experienced our Plus classes already:

“What I love about Cadence Plus is that it provides me with the spin class I know and love, in addition to a killer arm workout. It’s hard to come by an enjoyable full body workout, so I’ve really appreciated having the short ’n’ sweet, targeted arm circuit added in. I have only good things to say about it!” -Veronika Holek

“The instructors carry over the same challenges of the cardio workout into 10 minutes of strength training for arms. As with the spin classes, the instructors create their own workout scripts, changing it up to avoid monotony while ensuring key areas are covered!” -Nancy Wu

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below!