Staying Cool for the Summer

Your body can adapt to working out in
warmer temperatures, but it takes time.

We had a taste of the summer heat last week and we’re choosing to believe that it will be back again soon, and here to stay this time! Even though we’re working out indoors, away from the sun, the warmer temperatures do affect our bodies as we ride. We want you to always have the best ride possible, so we’ve compiled a few tips for staying cool while you spin:


1) Supplement with electrolytes.

Increased heat probably means increased sweat, so you need to hydrate more strategically. Take advantage of our water bottle refills throughout the ride, and consider supplementing with electrolytes to replenish the minerals that you’re sweating out. Read more about electrolyte supplements here.


2) Eat hydrating snacks.

You need to keep your energy up even more than usual when you’re exercising in heat, so snacks are important. Use your snacks as another opportunity to hydrate. On hotter days, opt for juicy oranges and berry smoothies rather than nuts or bars as your pre-ride fuel.

3) Take a cold towel.

We always offer you cold towels throughout the ride, but if you know you’re prone to really feeling the heat, then ask for one before the ride gets started! We’re here to set you up for success on the bike and make you as comfortable as possible, so just let us know what you need.

4) Wear breathable clothes.

Cotton t-shirts and wool socks are not the best choice when spinning, especially on warmer days. Look for light-weight, breathable, sweat-wicking, quick-drying options, such as bamboo and nylon. And make sure everything fits – a too-tight sports bra will be especially uncomfortable as you heat up!

5) Allow your body time to acclimatize.

Your body can adapt to working out in warmer temperatures, but it takes time. Remember this at the start of the season and be patient with yourself. Your first few rides of the summer may not be your best as you adjust to the heat, but you body is figuring it out – there’s just a learning curve. Take care of yourself with the tips above and you’ll be beating your max again in no time!