Wish List

There are two types of people in this world: those who start their holiday shopping in July and are done by Fall, and those who start their holiday shopping halfway through December and are scrambling for last minute ideas that still seem thoughtful and planned. If you fall into the second group, we’re here for you.

Cadence hoodie in blue, $65

Cadence hoodie in blue, $65

We have brand new sweatshirts at the studio that are sooo cozy, not to mention super cute. Designed by our in-house graphic artist, Emma Hands, they make the perfect gift for anybody on your list who loves riding with us, or who just needs a comfy cover up for their gym clothes.

Available in red and blue, they’re good for guys and gals. Grab one for your bestie, or better yet, put it on your own wish list! That’s what we did. Each sweatshirt comes with a custom pin designed by Emma as well, to make it extra special.

In addition to our sweatshirts, there’s loads of other merch at the studio right now, so be sure to take a browse next time you pop in for a ride. You might find the perfect gifts for the people left on your list.

What are we getting for our loved ones? The gift of spin, of course! Don’t forget that we have gift cards, so that you can treat your friends and fam to a ride and share your favourite work out with them. This is the perfect gift for anybody who wants to make spin a part of their regular routine in the new year, or who might just want to find a new way to move and sweat. With the gift of spin, you can’t go wrong.

Have fun shopping!