Defining the Cadence Ride

There’s a why behind everything we do.

As we move into a new year and renew our fitness goals, and as more and more spin studios pop up around the city, we want to give you a clear idea of exactly what you can expect from a Cadence ride. It might sound silly to those new to spin to say that there are so many different types of rides being offered out there. Spin is spin is spin, right? Wrong. Each studio has its own philosophy, its own methods, its own goals, its own rhythm.

Let’s define the Cadence ride.

1) Power

First and foremost, Cadence offers a power-focused ride. This means that your Classic Cadence rides will be made up of lots of climbs. Hills will be longer and heavier than you might be accustomed to at other spin studios, and speed work will also have a definitively strength-based feel. (There’s no bouncing around or 130RPM sprints going on here; your legs are working the entire time.) Expect to become close friends with that tension dial and gear shift – you will be using them frequently throughout the ride, constantly playing with resistance to continue pushing yourself. We encourage you to use the console and track your watts so that you have a clear idea of your power output. (Read more on riding with watts here.) The result? You actually get stronger.

2) Music

Music is the driving force behind our rides. It guides our movements and provides much-needed motivation. (Read more on how music guides the ride here.) Every stroke of the pedal is choreographed to the beat. However, there’s none of that “left-right, left-right” nonsense. We find that kind of instruction intimidating and distracting, not motivating. Instead, your instructor will give you some “1-2” counts to help you find the beat and will let you know what RPM you’re aiming for to hit the rhythm of the music, all in an effort to encourage the group to ride together and to fulfill the intention of the exercise, but if you’re off the beat, it’s really no big deal. You do you. Just let the music help to push you up that hill!

3) Inclusivity

Our philosophy on music carries into our philosophy on resistance, movement, and everything else. That is, you do you. Your instructor has planned a ride with a specific intention in mind, and every instruction you’re getting is in service of that intention, but, ultimately, this is your ride. You don’t have to add tension every time you’re asked to, you don’t have to stand up when everybody else does, and you don’t have to take a recovery if you don’t need one. We understand that you might have an injury you’re working through, you might be new to spin and still figuring out how your body moves on the bike, your energy might be different than usual today, or you might be at your peak performance level and ready to push hard. Modifications and adjustments are encouraged, as your instructor will remind you throughout the ride, and we’ve specifically designed our rides to suit every fitness and experience level and to allow for those modifications. There’s no judgment here. Our goal is to set you up for success, not failure.

4) Goal-Setting

The Cadence ride is not about dancing on the bike. The Cadence ride is about getting a solid work out. We know that people flock to Cadence for all different sorts of reasons, and we love the diversity of our clientele, but we assume that each of you climbs onto that bike with some sort of fitness goal in mind. Whether you just want to sprinkle some sweaty cardio into your weekly routine or you’re training for a PB at your next race, we encourage you to have a specific, measurable goal that you’re working towards. Our rides are designed to help you reach those goals. While our sense of community is so strong that you’ll find people lingering long after class, sipping their coffee and chatting, and while the room inevitably turns into a sweaty, loud, pulsating space every single time, we don’t lose sight of the fact that our purpose is to help you reach your fitness goals. We want to see you get stronger over time, and we love celebrating those successes with you.

5) Intention

There’s a why behind everything we do. Every piece of the ride, every part of your experience, is in service of a greater intention. We want you to be able to give yourself over to the ride with the trust that your instructor has got your back. Every instructor has a ton of experience and knowledge behind each decision they’ve made; we’re not jumping now just for the hell of it or starting our ride with a climb for no reason. The Cadence ride has been carefully crafted. It’s why our riders do get stronger, and continuously set higher bars for themselves. Whether you’re jumping in Pauline’s Rhythm Ride or on the ninth minute of your climb in Jaclyn’s Classic Cadence Class, you’re there for a reason.

All in all, the Cadence ride is a power-based, music-driven, goal-focused ride, that has been carefully crafted to make room for every type of rider imaginable. If you have any questions about what to expect or want to know more about why we do what we do, leave a comment below. We’ll see you on the bike!

The Why Behind The Music

When you hit the bottom of that pedal stroke right on the beat for the whole track, even as the hill is getting heavier, you feel invincible.

At Cadence, music is at the core of everything we do. We know that music is the key ingredient to an awesome class. The ride we plan and the coaching and cheering we bring to the bike can only take a class so far. A 5-star class happens when the music puts a fire in your belly. 

When you hit the bottom of that pedal stroke right on the beat for the whole track, even as the hill is getting heavier, you feel invincible. And when a whole group of people is riding that beat together, it’s a sense of empowerment that you probably won’t find anywhere else in your day. We know how great that feeling is, and we try to give it to you every time.

That sense that the music is guiding your ride is not just a feeling, though. It’s science.

In the last 15-ish years, the connection between music and movement has been studied more and more. Turns out, music adds more than an element of play to the ride. It adds more than distraction from your fatigue. It adds more than motivation. It does all those things, and we use it strategically for all those reasons, but music does so much morefor your ride.

The gist? Lights and disco balls can bring playful fun to the ride; a podcast can distract you; your instructor’s inspirational speech can motivate you. Only music, though, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort, and promotes metabolic efficiency. Studies show people can actually cycle longer and harder with music than without.

Music and movement are literally entangled in the brain. Without getting too science-y, basically we can’t notmove to music.

Some songs are clearly better to ride to than others, not only because heavy beats seem to give your legs more power and inspiring lyrics seem to give you wings to the top of the hill, but also because other factors, especially tempo, effect the body’s reaction. But, hey, that’s what we’re here for. You leave the picking and choosing to us, and we’ll do our best to put together an awesome playlist each and every ride.

If you want to read more about the psychology behind work out music, the link to our favourite article is below. And if you have any songs that are yourgo-to work out tracks, please share with us! We’d love to take them for a ride.