Couples Who Sweat Together

Working out together unites us around a common goal.

Our community is such a supportive place, and we especially love the energy in the studio when loved ones show up to support each other. Seeing families and friends ride together and celebrate each other’s successes is so special. So, in honour of Valentine’s Day, we are featuring one of our favourite Cadence couples. 


Harper and Michael have been riding together at Cadence for over a year now, and they never fail to impress us with their positivity and determination. We sat down with them to find out a little more about why they love riding together and how they’re able to coordinate their schedules to prioritize their shared work outs. We are so inspired by them, and we know that they’ll inspire you, too!

Cadence: Tell us a bit about how long you two have been together!

Harper: We’ve been together for ten years. We met at UBC in the Greek system where we played on multiple intramural sports teams together. We just got married last year! We had two weddings – one in Canada last August and one a few weeks ago in Kenya!

C: Congratulations! Can you describe each other in a sentence or two? What stands out about the other’s personality?

H: Michael is the most outgoing, charismatic person I know! He’s amazing at connecting with pretty much anyone.

Michael: Harper is the most wonderful and loving soul with unlimited talents including delicious cooking and overly-competitive Catan!

C: So how and when did you find Cadence, and what has made you stick around?

H: We’ve been spinning together for about a year and a half. When we were getting back into exercise leading up to the wedding, we found Cadence and fell in love with the laidback, non-pretentious, and friendly vibes. Everyone at Cadence is so incredibly supportive and encouraging of our goals!

C: What do you love about taking class together?

H: We love signing along to the music and encouraging each other to push harder! The high five at the end of a class you’ve both crushed is super sweet.

C: Are you competitive with each other or mostly cheering each other on? Or both?

H: A bit of both for sure! We always compare average watts at the end of class. But we celebrate each other showing up every time because that’s what counts!

C: Do you have any tips for coordinating your schedules so that you can commit to making it to class together?

M: We have a shared workout calendar on iCal! Whenever one of us books a class, it shows up for the other. That’s really helpful in coordinating our schedules and it helps us to stay consistent. We usually book a week in advance so we never miss out on our favourite classes.

C: That’s such a great tip! Why does working out together matter to you and your relationship?

H: Working out together unites us around a common goal that is outside of our careers, which brings us closer.

C: What inspires you most about each other?

M: Harper is so goal-driven and holds herself and everyone around her to the highest standard.

H: Michael is absolutely fearless in pursuit of his dreams and never gives up.

Happy Valentine’s Day from everybody at Cadence!