About our community.

At Cadence we aren't just in the business of offering spin classes. 
We are in the business of elevating our community and connecting people with their bodies through movement and music.
 Our best practices and core values were created to support the integrity of our amazing community!

Etiquette & best practices.

Practice kindness always.
Stay positive and friendly with yourself, instructors, other riders, and staff.

Be on your bike on time.
A proper warm up is essential to a safe ride. If class has started, you will not be allowed entry. Arriving late disrupts those around you as well as the instructor.

Don’t talk during class.
Cross talk is distracting to those around you. All conversation can wait until after your ride.

Be clean.
Respect your neighbours and have freshly laundered clothes. We are in very close quarters and are a sweaty group.

Leave your phones outside of the studio.
If you have an emergency or may need to be reached during class, please leave your phone with a front desk member.

Embrace community.
We are one community. We welcome, support, and elevate each other with our energy, always.

Our core values.

Our heart and soul is each person that walks through the doors. Being welcomed as friends creates an inclusive environment uniting everyone in a common experience. 

The studio is a fun atmosphere that is energized with the kindness, laughter, and hard work of our community. Everyone is responsible for creating this incredible place. 

We are clear on our WHY and always stand for it. 

We all come to the studio everyday with a commitment to making a difference to each other in every way possible. 

We provide a quality experience focused on inspiring the health and fitness of our community. 

People always leave the studio feeling better than when they arrived. We treat each other the way we want to be treated.

Who We Love.

Our community is full of amazing people and we know how much word of mouth means, so we've made it a top priority to always be sharing the love.

Check out some of the awesome people and businesses that are doing amazing things in our community!

You push your body hard and it's important to take care of it. Check out some of our favourite practitioners!

Dr. Giselle Chamberlain at Evolve Nuturing Wellness  

Haley Jardine at On Point Wellness
Lana Alberts at The Acu Hub

Dr Bradley Cornwell at Fluid Motion Osteo

Because sometimes you just need to #treatyoself.

Halsa Spa.
We love the infrared sauna and float treatments.

The Right Shoe.
Their staff are super knowledgable and always happy to help you find the perfect pair. Owners Rand and Suzanne are local peeps and have been part of the Cadence Community for years!

Generally Awesome People In Our Community 

Atomic Bikes.
Ask for Steve. He is basically a bike magician.