Cadence Cycling Studio was created by a group of  individuals passionate about getting a great sweat from fun cardio classes. Cadence was Vancouver’s first Spinning-only facility that is dedicated to bringing this unique, rhythm-based indoor cycling experience to Vancouver. Our commitment to quality, integrity and fun is at the core of Cadence so each rider has an experience that pushes their limits, in an energetic, non-intimidating environment. 

Each Cadence ride will be a high-intensity cardio workout in an inspiring, non-competitive atmosphere. Focusing on Spinning teaching techniques, each instructor will bring you a safe, challenging ride with music from old school rock n roll to hip hop & pop blasting from a state of the art sound system. Cadence will provide an experience like no other in Vancouver. 

At Cadence, we believe passion, love of fitness & people combined with top of the line equipment, outstanding customer service & inspiring workout’s will bring a special experience each time you enter the studio. 

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