Sweat With Us.


Work Hard. Play Hard. Together.


Cadence was created by a group of  individuals passionate about getting a great sweat from fun cardio classes. We were Vancouver’s first spinning-only facility, and we have remained dedicated to bringing this rhythm-based indoor cycling experience to Vancouver. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and fun is at the core of Cadence. We make sure that each rider pushes their limits in an energetic, welcoming, and friendly environment. 


About Our Rides.

Every Cadence ride is a high-intensity cardio workout in an inspiring, all-inclusive atmosphere. Each instructor will bring you a fun, technique-focused, high intensity ride with a wide variety of music from top 40 pop to old school hip hop blasting from a state-of-the-art sound system.

At Cadence, love for fitness and passion for people, combined with top-of-the-line equipment and outstanding customer service, will provide a special experience every time you ride. 

About Our Movement Classes.

Our movement classes are designed to supplement your spin routine. After years of leading you through high-intensity rides, we realized something: most of us push through daily life like it’s a spin class. We wanted to provide a restorative complement to spin to offer you a more holistic approach to fitness and an opportunity to reconnect with your body during your busy day.

Some classes are composed of stretching and breath work so that you can truly ground yourself, while others will provide more of a sweat. But all are focused on building a mind-body connection, developing proper alignment, and improving functional movement, to help you feel empowered on the bike and throughout the rest of your life.

Classes are carefully crafted to be beneficial for your body before or after spin, but if that doesn’t work with your schedule, they’re also a great stand-alone workout.